At Love God Greatly we provide quality resources to guide women to a greater understanding of God’s Word. Through beautifully designed journals translated into over 35 languages, we help women all over the world to grow in their relationship with God.

Biblical illiteracy is a real issue in our world today and we are here to fight it! We are so passionate about every woman in every country having access to the Word of God because we believe that when a woman knows how to study the Bible, it will transform her life, which will then transform the life of her family, her household, her community, and ultimately her nation.

This is how we change the world! One verse, one woman at a time.






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Heart Behind Love God Greatly:
Hear from the Founder & Director of LGG,
Angela Perrit

Translators’ Stories:
Hear stories from how God is moving in the world through Love God Greatly

Billions of women around the world don’t have access to God’s Word in their native language. Those that do, don’t have access to women’s Bible studies designed and written with them in mind. 

At Love God Greatly, we create Bible studies in 35+ languages. We equip missionaries, ministries, local churches, and women with God’s Word at an unprecedented rate by allowing our journals to be downloaded from our international sites at no cost. Through studying the Bible in their own language with like-minded communities, women are trained and equipped with God’s Word.

We believe when women read and apply God’s Word to their lives and embrace His unchanging love for them, the world is a better place. We know one woman in God’s Word can change a family, a community and a nation…one woman at a time. 



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Invest in the fight against biblical illiteracy through the mission of Love God Greatly!

Ways to get involved:


Purchase a Bible study journal: 100% of proceeds go straight back to our ministry, helping us create and translate biblical resources and offer them for free! Or you can become a monthly donor of $35 or more and each of our new studies will automatically be sent to your door!


Give any gift: give a financial gift towards our ministry and you will be equipping women leaders around the world with leadership skills and sharing the gospel!


Join our online community: dive into God’s Word with us in our online Bible studies group and experience the power of women united for the furthering of the gospel in this world!


Send us an email! Our International Director Viola would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have!

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

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