Devotional: Draw Near W1D4

Thursday, January 9

Read – Psalm 95, Job 38:4-5

SOAP – Job 38:4-5


Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell me, if you possess understanding!

Who set its measurements—if you know—

or who stretched a measuring line across it?


Have you ever made a poor choice in friends? Job sure did. Indeed his suffering was great. He not only lost his business, his worldly possessions, and his health, but he lost his children; all ten of them at once. He was completely innocent before God. His friends traveled internationally to comfort and console him. For seven days and nights, they were silent. They would have done well if they had sat with him in his pain instead of offering their off-handed advice. Instead what they did was cause Job to question God’s nature and character, namely His goodness.

Who we spend time with matters. Whether we realize it or not our friends influence our view of ourselves of God. Even in the downward spiral of degrading notions, God shows His faithfulness. He firmly and rightly re-establishes who He is before Job and his friends. He lovingly sets Job in his place as created one. Then He restored him and blessed him, giving him abundantly more than he had before.

Lord, we thank You for Your unchanging nature. Even when we are unfaithful, You remain faithful, since You cannot deny yourself. Thank You for Your kindness to restore us in Your time and remind us of Your power, goodness, and holiness. Amen.


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