The Lord, the God of hosts,
the Lord is his memorial name:
“So you, by the help of your God, return,
hold fast to love and justice,
and wait continually for your God.”. – Hosea 12:5-6

Today´s verses remind us of some parts of the story of Jacob. Hosea compares him to the people of Israel. In ancient Israel, a “heel-catcher” was a double-dealer, someone who achieved his goals through crafty and dishonest means. Through Hosea, God said, “That was Jacob then and it is Israel now.”

But, despite the similarities, the prophet highlights a difference between Jacob and the people of Israel. He recalls the struggle between Jacob and the angel in Genesis 32:24-30. Jacob refused to submit to God, so God demanded submission from him in a literal wrestling match. Jacob lost the fight and wept. He came to the place where he knew God had beaten him, and all he could do was hang on to God and plead for a blessing. Hosea brings Jacob´s story into these verses to show Israel what they have to do: instead of wrestling with God, they have to surrender.

There are two ways of learning lessons in this life: the easy way and the hard way. Israel decided to learn the hard way, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I can see myself there. I´ve learned some hard lessons in my life because I decided to do things my way, leaving God aside.

Oh Lord, how many things have I wrestled against You, against Your will for my life, against Your perfect timing. Help me trust You in everything. Help me remember that You are God and You know better. Amen.

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