As the oldest of ten children, Macrina was born in A.D. 330 and made to care for others. She lived in Caesarea, Asia Minor and was betrothed at a young age to a young man who died suddenly. After his death, Macrina decided that she would remain single and would serve the Lord with all her strength.


Macrina read and recited the Psalms daily. She memorized Scripture, applying it to her daily life to point her back to God continually. She encouraged and supported all her siblings, especially her brothers, two of whom became famous bishops known as the Cappadocian Fathers, Gregory of Nyssa and Basil the Great. 


Along with her mother, Macrina opened one of the first convents in Europe. She led and supported other women in their faith, serving everyone she met and giving to those in need. When her mother died, Macrina continued to care for and support her siblings, acting as a spiritual mentor to her family.


After her death, her brother Gregory wrote the Life of Macrina, a biography that contributed to the development of Christian faith in the early centuries. Macrina’s life significantly influenced prominent leaders in the early church. 


Macrina’s faith was great, and her legacy of faith continued after her death. She honored God with all she did; she was committed to memorizing Scripture and encouraging others. Her quiet faithfulness shaped the early church in immeasurable ways. We can imitate Macrina’s faith by staying faithfully committed to the Lord no matter where He has us. We can always be an encouragement to others, and we can always turn to Scripture for hope and encouragement.  


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