I met my husband when I was 40.  At that point, I had not had a date in 10 years. On the day we met, I didn’t hear wedding bells or angels sing. It really wasn’t all that significant or memorable.  I just decided to show up for an outreach our church was sponsoring to help a nearby community that had been impacted by a tornado. I grabbed a rake and helped clean up yards while Bruce climbed up on a roof with a hammer. I ended up covered in dirt and exhausted, but it was good work. I was thankful to be able to encourage those families.

I ran into Bruce several weeks later in the back hallway between the bathrooms and the church banquet hall. He was joining another outreach team traveling to Mississippi to help hurricane victims. My work schedule did not allow me to attend, but I made it a point to let everyone in the group know I’d be praying for them.

The conversation probably lasted about two minutes. He smiled politely and replied, “Hey, thanks for praying.” And he moved on his way.

Two years later, no one was more surprised than me when I got to wear a big white dress and walk down the aisle. If you ask my husband how we ended up together, he won’t tell you it was the highlights in my hair or my manicured nails. He cares not about the shade of my lipstick or what perfume I wear.

Ask Bruce what inspired him to give up his old bachelor ways and purchase a very expensive diamond ring and he will take you back to that two minute conversation in the hallway.

He just kept thinking, “That girl. She prays.”


Esther stood out in a sea of women, not because she was drop dead gorgeous, but because she was humble and teachable above all. She listened to wisdom, and she yielded to authority. Esther chose to trust God and the people He placed around her to guide her steps. She didn’t complain about being in a situation she did not choose. She didn’t compare herself to the other women. She simply did what was needed with a gracious spirit.

Esther’s obedience emanated a distinct beauty from within. Her life was yielded to God, and that set her apart.

God’s grace and favor surround a woman who is set apart to selflessly serve.

Lyli Dunbar enjoys singing silly karaoke in the car with her husband, digging into Bible study with the girls, and reading 12 books at a time. A writer, speaker, and Biblical Life Coach, her mission is to encourage the weary-hearted with fuel for a wildfire faith. Stop by lylidunbar.com to grab faith fuel for your day or connect with her on FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest.


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