Have you ever read the book The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? If not, then you need to. It’s one of my favorites.

In a fictional storytelling fashion, C. S. Lewis brings to light the dark spiritual warfare each of us encounters on a daily bases through his characters, Screwtape and his nephew, Wormwood. Screwtape writes thirty-one letters to Wormwood, mentoring him on the many ways to tempt humans and keep them from becoming Christians.

No matter how much we don’t want to talk about it or, even think about it, we are in a battle every single day. The Screwtape Letters brings that battle to light. It pulls the spiritual “curtain” back and allows us to see the invisible battle that rages all around us.

  • Good vs. evil
  • Freedom vs. fear
  • God’s Truth vs. Satan’s Lies

This battle has been raging since the beginning of time and continues to this very day but don’t you, sweet friend, lose heart for a second. On the days you feel like you’re drowning in waves of fear, remember Jesus died on the cross, and His death assured you victory over your enemy! Because of Jesus, you are no longer a victim to your fears, but a victor!

1 Peter 5, Peter instructed us to be alert to the battle. We are not to live in fear of it, but we are to realize it does exist. The devil is described as a roaring lion prowling around looking for those he can devour. This description is given to us to alert us to the danger and the reason we need to live our lives on alert and with self-control.

Recognizing the spiritual battle is the first step toward victory.

Your next step is through prayer and God’s Word.

In Matthew 4 we see how Satan attacked Jesus through temptations. We learn a powerful lesson from the birds-eye view of this epic battle as we see Jesus fight back. Satan threw temptation after temptation at Jesus and Jesus always fought back with truth from Scripture, from God’s Word. And we should fight like this, too.

Friends, have we forgotten the power of God’s Word? It is through prayer and God’s Word that we can win these battles by focusing our minds back on truth, back on Scripture, back on Jesus.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross for us to live our lives in fear, but in freedom!

He has given us the tools to fight our battles through the power of the Holy Spirit and His living Word! We must realize we are in a battle so we can fight against these attacks. There is a balance between living our lives aware of Satan’s attacks and choosing not to live in fear. We know He who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4)! Friend, you are not alone in your battles, not for one second. God is always with you!

And remember, Satan and God are not equals. Satan is limited while God is limitless. 

So next time you find yourself in a battle do this:

  1. Be honest and admit you’re in a battle; call it what it is. By naming it you take away its power.
  2. Pray and ask God for help. Be honest in your prayer. God is eager to help.
  3. Read God’s Word for strength, insight, and wisdom. God speaks to us through His Word. Read and remember His promises to you.
  4. Praise and worship Him in the midst of your storm. Your circumstances might not change, but your focus can. Our God is bigger than any storm we may face.

“In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage—I have conquered the world.” John 16:33

Friends, don’t ever forget we serve a risen King who has battled on our behalf and won! He has overcome the world!

How have you seen God work in your life to help you achieve victory in a certain battle?

Love God Greatly!


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