Some of us live our lives fearing the future. We live in the “what ifs” instead of focusing on the things God has already given us. We have an inheritance in Christ that nobody can take away from us. We have been promised an abundant life but we´re living on crumbs. Why? Because we don´t realize that we are fighting this battle named “life” from a position of victory.

The book of Joshua teaches us to remember the promises God has given us and to trust God in everything He assigns to us. Joshua shows us how to walk in victory.

When Moses dies right before the people of Israel cross the Jordan, Joshua is given the task of leading the people to the Promised Land. He didn´t have time to consider whether he wants the job or if he felt prepared for the task. He received a command from God and he obeyed.

God sent Joshua with the promise that He had already given Israel the land of Canaan (Joshua 1:2). And he crossed the Jordan claiming that promise, trusting that God would be with him every step of the way and that He wouldn´t forsake him.

The promise of the land of Canaan has its origin in God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:1–3). God called Abraham from among the nations and gave him several promises, including land, a nation, and blessing to the rest of the nations through him. The story of Joshua develops each of these promises, but the focus and emphasis are clearly on God’s promise of land.

“The LORD gave to Israel all the land that he swore to give to their fathers. And they took possession of it, and they settled there.” (Joshua 21:43)

After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, Israel claimed their inheritance and enjoyed the blessings of the land that God had prepared for them.

The land was already theirs. However, there were some things Joshua had to do:

Joshua had to be brave and courageous.

Joshua had to be careful to live God´s Word.

Joshua had to meditate in God´s Word day and night.

Joshua had to trust God´s promises.

Walking in victory relies on God´s promises but it´s not passive. It requires action from us to embrace those promises and live in them every day. Israel owned the land because of God’s gracious covenant with Abraham (Genesis 12:1–5), but their enjoyment of the land depended on their faithful obedience to God.

The same God who was with Joshua and the Israelites is with us today. He has given us the same promises and He wants us to claim our inheritance. We pray this study helps you to start walking in victory!

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