When my now-husband proposed to me, we were on the front porch of my parent’s home and I was not making it easy.

I was in sweatpants, ready for a comfortable evening with family. Instead we were outside on the swing, in the cold. He couldn’t seem to get the words out that he wanted to say. I was impatient and confused until he finally asked if I would marry him.

Confusion turned to surprise. Impatience became excitement as I said “yes” and put on the ring he knew I would love. 

Fast-forward sixteen years and he realized I hadn’t been wearing my rings because they no longer fit.

We found a new set that was considerably more affordable than the original in a size and style that fit my current stage of life. The girl who used to love all things silver is now a big fan of rose gold, and the college student who wanted something big and fancy to show off to her friends now wanted something simple and understated. 

I read the reviews for the rings and knew we weren’t getting anything fancy. In fact, most of the reviews complained that the rose gold finish on the rings wore off quickly. But I got them anyway, thinking surely it would be different for me.

Spoiler: it was not.

The rings are still beautiful, but all the rose gold is gone.

The stones only shine when cleaned regularly and in certain lighting. I still love them and what they symbolize, but the newness has worn off—literally.

In a lot of ways, I feel like those rings. Worn down. Lacking my usual shine. Desperately in need of some loving kindness and encouragement to bring back my sparkle.

The “fight or flight” mode of the last several years of fear and uncertainty has my body acting in all kinds of ways it shouldn’t.

The reason? I’ve been putting my hope in things that are temporary instead of resting in the hope and security of Jesus. 

Our reading today was the reminder I needed that our faith is more valuable than gold. Nothing the world has to offer—no matter how fancy or sparkly or impressive—compares to the richness of a life of faith that brings honor and glory to Jesus.

There is no goal we can set for our lives, no temporary happiness we experience, that can compare to achieving the goal of our faith:

The salvation of our souls. 

May we be women who shine in a dark world—not because of any worldly adornments or achievements—but because we reflect the faithful love and enduring hope we have in Jesus.


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Crystal Stine

Crystal Stine

Crystal Stine is the author of Holy Hustle, Quieting the Shout of Should, and the Holy Hustle Planner. She serves as the Communications and Online Director for her church and has a passion for using social media as a mission field to reach as many as possible for Christ. You can connect with Crystal online at crystalstine.me, get a sneak peek of her first books through several YouVersion reading plans, or find her on Instagram @crystalstine. Crystal lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

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