It’s not hard to see that we are living in days that look very different than they did even a few short years ago. There’s so much happening in the world that has left us with our share of questions, heaviness, tears, and confusion.


And, to be real, we don’t need a “spoiler alert” to acknowledge there will be hard times still to come—Jesus told us to expect it! Jesus didn’t say it would get easier or be trouble-free in the last days, but He did say to take heart, have courage, and remember that He has overcome the world (John 16:33). As long as we have breath in our lungs and are alive, we have a charge to endure and hold tight to Jesus, to His ways, His Word, and His truth.


If your heart has been overwhelmed and maybe you’re feeling apprehensive about things that are happening, I encourage you to hold your head high. Stand firm on God’s Word and His truth with courage, confidence, and hope. Be ready and expectant, because here is the beautiful promise we have in the face of these uncertain days—Jesus is coming again soon!


This promise in Revelation 3:11 is to remind us that, no matter what hardship, persecution, pain, battles, disappointments, and even tragedies we face, all of it is brief in the light of eternity. The Bible says in Luke 21:28, “But when these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” These things—these signs all around—remind us that God is very much in control and that Jesus is coming again soon, in glory and power.


It’s these unprecedented hard times that continue to point us to the glorious end we know to expect—that this isn’t all there is. His promise comes tethered to the charge to endure steadfastly, to hold on. It matters that we do! As long and wearisome as the days may seem, as difficult as some of the experiences we face, if we don’t give up, if we will hold fast to Him, if we’ll endure steadfastly to the end, we will not be disappointed. We will come through truly and eternally victorious.


Regardless of when or how our life ends here on earth, for those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we know where we will spend eternity. And one day, whether in days or years or decades, Jesus is coming again for all who remain and have put their trust and faith in Him.


Let’s make the most of every day we have been given and live with eternity in mind. Make the most of every opportunity to tell others about Jesus. When hard days come, stand firm and look up. This world is not our home. This isn’t all there is to the story. Not an ending, but a true beginning. There is eternity on the other side of this life on earth, and friend, you will see that everything you have endured will have been worth it all. Until He returns, endure steadfastly, obey His Word, stand on His truth, and hold fast to His unshakeable, precious promise that He is coming soon! Hallelujah!


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Andrea Howey

Andrea Howey

Andrea Howey is a hand lettering artist in Dallas, Texas. She started hand lettering Scripture and encouraging words during a season of loss and God began to use it as a means to minister encouragement to people around the world through social media. Today, she continues to create hand lettered words and goods for her business, as well as freelance work for ministries, authors, and other projects, all with the aim of encouraging people in heart, strengthening people in faith, and above all, pointing people to Jesus. You can check out her beautiful designs at and connect with her on Instagram.

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