Joshua and the people of Israel are in the land God promised to give them. All the promises and commands God had given them can be reduced to this instruction – be brave and diligent in claiming the land I´ve already given you.

That´s all they had to do. They had to claim their inheritance. The land was already theirs. The victory had been granted.

But yet, there were seven tribes that were slow to claim their land. They didn´t have the faith and zeal to do God´s will like the other tribes.

They were spiritual slackers.

How long will you put off going in to take possession of the land, which the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you?” Joshua 18:3

These tribes were so used to their nomadic lifestyle that they didn´t see the point in making a permanent home. Claiming their portion of land demanded effort. They had to fight for it and they had to expel the Canaanites from it. And they didn´t seem willing to pay the price.

Are there things in your life that demand too much effort for you to do them?

  • Have you abandoned the idea of a happy marriage because it´s too much effort to fix your relationship with your husband?
  • Are you stepping out of ministry because it´s not flourishing as you hoped it would?
  • Or maybe your relationship with God is cold and distant because He is not answering your prayers the way you wanted?

I´m sure you have realized that the things that matter most in life require hard work. A loving marriage, a thriving ministry, a deep relationship with God – these all take time and effort.

Today, if you have grown weary of a situation in your life that is not working as you thought it would, or that is taking you out of your comfort zone or you think that something God has called you to do is not worth of your time, money, or dedication, you may be making the same mistake as the Israelites. They were weary of war and unwilling to run into new hazards.

Don´t put off the things God has called you to do. Don´t abandon the relationships He has given you. Don´t step away from your responsibilities.

Proverbs 10:4 says, “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.”

A slack hand causes poverty – financially and spiritually. We are called to be diligent women, to work hard, and walk in obedience to God´s Word.

It´s time to take full responsibility of the things and the people God has placed in our lives. Let´s be diligent today in seeking to make the most of the things God has asked us to do.

Content in His service,






Angela Perritt

Angela Perritt

Angela Perritt is the founder and director of, a nonprofit online Bible study ministry reaching thousands of women in over two hundred countries around the world with God’s Word through their translated Bible studies. She and her husband live in Dallas, Texas with their three daughters. Angela is passionate about God’s Word and believes one woman in God’s Word can change a family, community and ultimately a nation. Her greatest joy is to encourage her children and others to love God greatly with their lives one day at a time. You can connect with her on Instagram.

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