Oh friends,

We are so excited to release our new Psalm 119 study files with you today!

To download our Psalm 119 files, simply go here.

As summer approaches, we know that life can get a little crazy. We can’t think of a better time to make it a priority to stay in God’s Word, and focus on the blessing of seeking Him with all our hearts!!

We know you need something do-able, so we’re keeping it simple around here.

  • Commit to eight weeks, and we’ll provide a simple Reading Plan and Study Guide…all of the work is done for you!
  • Enrollment for this study starts on Monday!
  • Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our blog posts, challenges, encouragement and more!
  • Like always, our materials are {FREE}. If you’ve already subscribed in a previous study, you’re good to go! You’ll find the links to our study materials at the bottom of each email you receive from us. Or you can go to our Bible Studies page and click on Psalm 119 to download them.
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And we have a special gift to our Love God Greatly subscribers….Free Psalm 119 memory verse cards!

Oh friends, we pray that you’ll join us for this exciting study on June 15th!

Enrollment begins on Monday….see you then!



Love God Greatly!

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