Beatitudes: Bible Study Journal [English]



Sitting by the Sea of Galilee, Jesus taught His disciples. His words were not like any they had heard before. Jesus taught them, in detail, how to live as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. He began this teaching with a series of statements called the Beatitudes.

The Beatitudes offer great insight into how to live the Christian life. They offer comfort for the oppressed, wisdom for the innocent, and hope for the weary. Jesus instructed His disciples how to walk with Him in a way that was completely contrary to the way of the world. He wanted His disciples to understand that the Kingdom of God was within their midst because Jesus, the Son of God, was among them.

Today, the principles of the Beatitudes continue to offer comfort, wisdom, and hope to followers of Christ. We can glean truth from the words Jesus spoke 2,000 years ago as we seek to understand how to live our lives in light of the coming Kingdom of God.

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