Praying with sincerity


Praying With Sincerity

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.
Psalm 62:8 (ESV)

Welcome to week four of our prayer study. Before we get into Monday’s verses, I want to say how proud I am of you all for wrestling and working through some of the hard verses from last Friday. I am not a touchy feely person, but I get super excited when I see women not afraid to dig deep and wrestle with some of the more difficult passages found in the Bible. I wish I could hug you all! Many of you are left with more questions than when you started. And for some the topic of imprecatory prayer it still confusing (as it is for me), but I LOVED reading your thoughts, conclusions and applications.  I want to encourage you to revisit the topic at a future date and continue wrestling with it while praying that God will give you insight and understanding. My only word of caution is to make sure that your conclusions always line up with the rest of Scripture (which really goes for any topic).

Now let’s talk about today’s verses. This week we will be looking at how we are to pray and today’s keyword is “sincerity”. According to Psalm 62:8 we are to pour our hearts out before God which is another way of saying that our prayers should be sincere…

A sincere prayer is one that is truthful and genuine.

A part of John Bunyan’s well respected definition of prayer is that “prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the heart or soul to God, through Christ …”

At first glance this may seem easy. But if we were to examine our prayers, I bet we would find that we aren’t always “pouring out our hearts”. Instead we hold back, beat around the bush, withhold some truth, are a bit vague and lack passion.

We need to remember that God knows our life, our circumstances, our desires and our failings far more deeply than we even know them ourselves. Nothing comes as a surprise to Him.

Pouring out our hearts to the Lord is freeing.

It means we confess our sins and shortcomings without excuses, without beating around the bush and without prevarication. It means we honestly tell God what we are thinking and feeling and what our heart’s desires are. This will often lead to our prayers being more detailed. And sometimes it can result in tears of shame or pain as well as songs of praise.

Sincere prayers have a way of  drawing us close to our Lord, where He lifts our burdens from our shoulders and covers us with a cloak of comfort.

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Challenge WEEK 4:

Our challenge for this week is a very personal and simple one. Pay close attention to your prayers and make it a point to lay everything before the Lord. Hold nothing back. Let sincerity be a part of your confession, praise, requests and adoration.

Reading Plan WEEK 4:


Memory Verse Week 4:

GTP Week 4 Memory Verse

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