Love God Greatly

I can only imagine the heartbreak those who loved Tabitha were feeling when Peter was urged to go and see her.

It was an earnest reach by those who were mourning and overcome with grief from the passing of their dear friend. Their request was filled with sadness, heartbreak, and yet a sliver of hope that maybe – just maybe – Peter could do something.

Here, a dearly loved woman – a woman who many described as “full of good works and acts of charity” – lay lifeless.

What had happened? We aren’t told.

What we do know is that this woman lived her life well, and it showed in the response of those who had a hard time accepting the reality of her passing. Women from all over town began to fill the room where their beloved friend lay. They came to honor her and grieve together, each wearing garments that Tabitha herself had personally made. Tabitha had used her hands and her God given skills to better their lives, and the room bore evidence of a life that impacted many. Tabitha loved these women, and it showed in the beautifully crafted tunics and garments they so proudly wore.

Yes, Tabitha loved others well… and it showed through what she left behind.

Now heartbroken over her death, these women arrive showing the beautiful garments to Peter as he rushed in to see her.

But instead of mourning the loss of Tabitha, Peter sends them out of the room and then gets down on his knees and prays.

Though others saw only death, Peter saw an opportunity.

And I wonder, how many times in our own lives have we seen something with our own eyes and thought it was dead?

Maybe a relationship?

An opportunity?

A dream?

How many times have we looked upon a situation and felt heartbroken and helpless, never giving a thought to the power of prayer?

I’m sure more times than we’d like to admit.

BUT instead of joining the mourners, Peter shoos them out of the room and instead focuses on God. Peter turns to God and seeks God’s help in a matter that he knows is out of his control.

And what was the result?

Because of one man turning to God for help, God intervened and “many believed in the Lord.”

See, this is the thing… God has the power to turn death into life.

He has the power to turn bad situations into good opportunities, many times when we least expect it. We are a people who have no excuse not to live with joy and hope! Jesus is alive, sweet friends! He is ACTIVE in our world, our homes, our churches and our COUNTRIES!

This week our prayer focus is to be intentionally praying for our country.

Now listen, I watch many of the same news shows that you do. I am not oblivious to changes that are taking place in our country. I hear the worry, concern and FEAR. I get it.

But as Christians, we do not make ourselves slaves to FEAR! God is with us! God calls us to be brave, to trust Him, to pray and to act!

We have the power of prayer, a direct line to our Lord and Savior at any moment of any day. This is the same Savior who rose from the dead – the same Creator who placed the planets in orbit and flung the stars into the sky!

Yes, we may look upon situations and see only death, but maybe if we got down on our knees and prayed… we might just see a miracle.

There is a pride in the predictions of human beings based on human calculations of human knowledge about human factors. There is a pride in such predictions that God does not like—even when made by Christians! It is a practical atheism. It does not reckon with the living Lord of the universe who turns things around—out of the blue!- John Piper

Jesus has the power to turn people and situations around. We cannot hesitate to do our part and submit prayers in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

“if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Sweet friends, our prayers matter.


Let’s Talk: Share with us a time when God turned a situation or relationship around in your life that you thought was dead? How did He do it? What was the outcome?


Love God Greatly!








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