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If you have ever visited a country whose main language is one you do not speak, you know the wave of intimidation and isolation that comes over you as you try to decipher street signs, restaurant menus, and simple conversations with locals. Would you feel the same intimidation and isolation if the only way to read about God was in a language you do not speak?

Millions of women across the globe do not have access to good Bible studies in their language. The joy a woman experiences when she unwraps the gift of God’s Word and reads His promises in her native language is what we want for as many as possible. We at Love God Greatly are dedicated to breaking down language barriers holding women back from God’s Word, one journal and one woman at a time. Read more about what our friend, Terra, does with our Spanish Love God Greatly journals during her vacations in Mexico.


“Every time I go to Mexico with my family, I bring Love God Greatly journals with me and pray beforehand that God will show me someone there that He wants to have a journal.

I know the value of reading God’s Word in my language and I want that same freedom for as many women as possible.

This last trip, I carried them with me the whole time. I kept waiting and waiting for a prompting or an obvious opportunity. Finally, on the last day, I felt like the woman working at the front desk really needed one. So I grabbed a few journals and walked to the front desk with them in my hands.

I had waved and smiled at this woman many times while we were staying there. I waved and said hello again, but this time I stopped and explained to her what Love God Greatly journals are- how all the scripture she will need is in the journals, how the study is designed to focus on God’s Word only, and how it makes us slow down and look at verses word-by-word. I told her I wanted to give them to her and I held them out in my hands, waiting for her to take them. She looked down and stared at the cover of the one on top and smiled a little. But she didn’t take them.

As we kept talking and I tried to hand them to her, the top one (written in English) slid off and revealed the journal below. The title on the second journal was in Spanish. The second she saw her language in big letters on the front of the journal, she gasped and looked back at me to ask, “These are for me?! En Español?” And I said, “Yes. Yes! I want you to have them.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she thanked me. As they toppled over and streamed down her face, she made me cry too.

So many women are hungry…no- starving for God’s Word.

Being able to read it in their native language makes them feel seen and loved by God. I love giving these journals away! It is such a huge privilege to see Love God Greatly remove barriers between women and the Bible. And to watch a woman’s eyes light up and realize she is noticed and cared for by God is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.”



Friends, when you purchase a Love God Greatly journal, you are helping us place God’s Word into thousands of women’s hands around the world through our Bible study translations. Join us in this amazing work as God uses us to help women learn to #LoveGodGreatly with their lives in their language!

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