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“Formerly, when you did not know God, 

you were enslaved to those that by nature are not gods. 

But now that you have come to know God, 

or rather to be known by God

how can you turn back again to the 

weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, 

whose slaves you want to be once more?” 

~ Galatians 4:8-9


A Letter to my Children, Part 2…

When I first dreamed of you, I wasn’t thinking of the temptations and hard choices you might face in this world. 

No, my sweet child.

I was thinking of ten tiny toes and soft baby skin; of sweet newborn scents and coordinated nursery decor. I wondered if you might have my pug nose – or better yet – your daddy’s good looks. I couldn’t wait to announce to the world that you had finally arrived; that God had somehow entrusted to us for a time the amazing gift of you. 

As we painted your room and set up your crib, I wasn’t thinking of a world that would become more and more corrupt as you grew.

I was thinking of rocking you gently, praying over your delicate newborn frame, and dreaming big dreams for your life. I was living through late nights that became precious moments etched in my memory as I repeatedly sang “Be Still My Soul” into the early morning hours… waiting for you to finally settle into deep, peaceful sleep. All felt safer when you were in my arms.

In your toddler years, I didn’t want to think that one day someone might try to talk you out of  believing that Jesus is the only way.

I was busy passing down God-stories that I had heard over and over as a small girl: beautiful stories of grace and redemption that moved me to tears – no matter how familiar – each time you plopped on my lap and we opened your well-loved children’s Bible. And as I read, I whispered for God to help you to know this Truth deeply, and prayed that you would one day capture it in your heart as your own.

As you lost teeth, grew out of that sweet baby face, and gained greater independence, I could no longer deny that this world will fight hard for your allegiance. 

So we turned up the music and danced in the kitchen, singing worship songs at the top of our lungs because we have something – Someone – worth singing about. And God opened your eyes to who He is, and we danced some more when you came to know God – really know Him – personally and redemptively because of the beauty of the cross.

And we celebrated big, because grace changes everything.


Now you have begun transitioning from boyhood into a man, and I am fully aware that possessions, popularity, and pride will call out after you in even greater force. 

You are secure in God’s embrace, but daily you will have the choice to either walk hand in hand with Jesus, or turn back again to the shallowness of what this world has to offer.

Arm yourself, dear one.

Be ready for battle, alert on all sides.

Suit up and daily dress yourself in Truth so that you are not easily swayed.

Stand tall in the face of opposition, confident that your King goes before you and will fight for you when you are at your weakest.

March forward with courage, knowing that your labor is not in vain.

Never forget that Jesus has already won, so fight the good fight and decide to run hard towards His voice over every other distraction calling out your name.

My redeemed child, you have been bought with a price, so live like you are FREE.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll look you in the eyes with great compassion as a fellow sufferer and I’ll keep on saying it until that day:

No turning back. No turning back…


At His feet,

LET’S TALK: What worldly thing draws your attention most off of Christ? How do you arm yourself against it?






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