I thought the day would never come.

This teenage boy of mine – marked by fuzz above his lip and one in clear need of an extra dose of deodorant – no longer hangs around me every waking moment of his life.

It’s a natural transition. One that I thought I was ready for. Scratch that… one that I had longed for when year after year another toddler clung to my exhausted body. They said I would miss it. I knew I should have listened.

He’s an introspective -this one – filled up by time in books and consumed with dreams of his latest invention that has been carefully laid out in his leather journal. Researched, sketched and labeled to the very last detail. Mark my words that boy will invent something for real one day. It might flop like the pages and pages of ideas that will come before and after it, or it might just change the world. Either way, he secretly depends on me to believe in him.


While it’s true that he’s lingering less, every so often he surprises me. Like the day this week that he wandered into my office and with full confidence plopped his lanky, middle school self right on top of my lap long enough to make my legs numb. Without exchanging one single word, he grabbed my hand and together we watched out our front window as the season’s first snow gently began to fall.


{Made for Community}.

This boy.


And me.

Extroverts, introverts. Singles and Marrieds. Young and old, poor and rich. The longing to be known and loved…. to be accepted and included is no respecter of age, gender or the color of our skin.

God made us for community with Him, and with the people around us.

Intentionally living in community with God and with people has never been harder. The world is a distracting place, and we are a distracted people. Technology, social class, skin color, religion, physical appearance, comparison, and all kinds of preferences and downright sin are just a few of the things that deter us and steal our joy. Right now – what is it for you… what is it for me… and dare we even speak it out loud?

God, you know our hearts.

But God made us for more…

For more communion with Him.

For more intentional living with others.

For more peace and fewer distractions.

For more of His fame and glory.

I’m ready to turn down the noise… how about you? I’m ready for a new year and fresh starts and for God’s words to pour over the empty places so that I might be filled with Him. Because it’s only when I’m filled with Him that I can even begin to think about being poured out.

God slow us.

God fill us.

God show us through your Word what it means to be {Made for Community}, then help us to respond so that you might use us.

Eight weeks. God’s Word. {Made for Community}. Let’s do this.

Are you in?

“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life

through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

~ 2 Peter 1:3

At His feet,

*LET’S TALK: What distracts you? Write a paragraph or simply one word in the comments below. You’re not alone, friend. Let’s give it to God together…

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