At the start of this new week in our study of the Gospel of Luke, we find Jesus near Capernaum, specifically nearing a town called Nain. 


Jesus and his disciples, along with a great crowd following them, were walking to Nain when just outside it they saw a procession. A man who died was being carried, most likely to a burial place located far outside the town. His mother was there and with her a large crowd from the town. Her son had died, and she was a widow. She was afflicted in every way, struck down by grief and sorrow, most likely with no vision or hope for tomorrow. 


Maybe you feel similarly. Have you lost all hope for the future, unable to see any good past the grief and weariness filling your heart? If so, read on, dear soul. There is hope for you yet.


When Jesus saw this woman, He had compassion for her. In other words, Jesus’ heart went out to her, He saw her and validated her emotions, hurting alongside her. He was overcome with a desire to comfort her.


When we find ourselves in the midst of a brewing storm and far out of our own depth, we can find no better comfort for our souls than that of Jesus Christ. He is compassionate and kind, and He is gentle and humble in heart (Matthew 11:29). He came to live the life you could not and die the death you deserved. He did it all to allow you to share in His victory over death, that you might have a personal relationship with Him as the Lord of your life and Savior of your soul. He is for you!


Jesus’ compassion moved Him to action. At His command, the young man was brought back to life and returned to His grieving-turned-overjoyed mother. 


Jesus has power even over death. Even the touching of a coffin, which in Jesus’ day was considered ceremonially defiling, did not taint Him; rather, His touch immediately dispelled death. He can change things in a moment. Hold on to faith, dear friend! He can change your circumstances, and until the relief or redemption of your soul, He will strengthen you with His strong right hand!


So, then, what was the response from the crowds back then, and what should be our response now, whether in the thick of grief and affliction, waiting, or perhaps on the other side, overjoyed at our dear Savior’s compassionate hand upon our lives?


“Fear seized them all, and they began to glorify God, saying, ‘A great prophet has appeared among us!’ and ‘God has come to help his people!’” – Luke 7:16


Let us glorify God with all we have! Glorify with your words, with your actions, with your affections, and the little or much He has given you! He has come to help His people, and you are not overlooked.


Take heart; Jesus sees you, He cares deeply for you, and He knows you intimately with much affection and love (1 John 3:1).



Week 3 Challenge:

We will see Jesus perform many miracles in our reading this week. The disciples saw Jesus perform these miracles in person, but still, their faith was weak. This week, honestly evaluate your faith. Ask God to reveal to you an area of your life in which your faith needs strengthening, and then ask God to do it by the power of His Spirit in you. 


Week 3 Reading Plan

Week 3 Memory Verse

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Petra Stoneman

Petra Stoneman

Petra lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, Michael, and chocolate lab, Boomer. Originally from the Czech Republic, she serves on the LGG Translators team as one of the Czech Branch translators. Petra is passionate about discipleship and raising up a new generation of believers. She serves in the youth ministry of her local church alongside her husband, who is a full-time youth pastor, and she loves to encourage young women in their relationship with Jesus.

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