The Supremacy of Christ

The Book of Hebrews presents an argument about the deity, humanity, and majesty of Christ. The author illustrates the superiority of Christ, showing His authority and power over angels, prophets, sacrifices, and the priesthood. The Book of Hebrews clearly explains the supremacy of Christ over all.

Hebrews may have been a sermon, or it could have been a letter. While the original format is unclear, the message is evident. After a brief introduction (1:1–4), the author begins by explaining the superiority and sacrificial work of Christ (1:5–10:18). The author then describes elements of the faith, with a tribute to those in the past who were examples of great faith (10:19—13:17), and finally, concludes with a benediction (13:18–25).

While the author of Hebrews is unknown, some believe the original audience was a group of Jewish Christians because the book focuses on Jewish rituals and themes. The author also uses several Old Testament quotations, perhaps assuming the audience was familiar with the writings. The date of the book of Hebrews is also unknown; however, it is believed to have been written before the destruction of Jerusalem in ᴀ.ᴅ. 70.

As we study the supremacy of Christ, we can better align our lives with Him. When we recognize God’s sovereignty over everything in our lives, we can surrender our circumstances to Him. We can find great encouragement through understanding the way Christ fulfilled the Old Testament promises. Our faith will be strengthened as we see the faithfulness of God to those who came before us.

Hebrews is an excellent place to find solid doctrine and an explanation of the nature and character of Jesus Christ. To love Him greatly, we must know Him well. Hebrews encourages us as we learn about the character and nature of Christ, the importance of His sacrifice, and His authority and power over everything. The author also presents Christ as our mediator who allows us to approach the throne of God. He is our great High Priest, restoring our relationship to the Father through His life, death, and resurrection. He is our everything.


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