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The book of Esther is a strange little book in that it is only one of two books in the Bible where God is not mentioned. Many people have been bothered by that fact, and some have even questioned whether or not it should have been included in the canon of Scripture.

But God does not need to be mentioned, for His work speaks loud and clear. We see his hand at work through all of the details of this fascinating story, starting immediately in Chapter 1 with the outrageous party Xerxes put on.  This lavish event brought about the fall of Queen Vashti, which in turn set the stage for a young Jewish girl to become queen. And through Queen Esther, God provides for the preservation of his people.

This drama will whisk us away to the Persian court of King Ahasuerus (or Artaxerxes from the Greek version) some sixty years after the first return of Jewish exiles to Jerusalem, and after the Temple was rebuilt. Chronologically speaking, Esther takes place in Ezra 1-6 and Ezra 7-10, in which we can read about the the first and second return of the Jews from their Babylonian exile.

At this time Xerxes is on the throne, and he is a powerfully wealthy king. He had inherited this wealth from his father Darius, and he was not shy in showing it off. This is where our studies will begin.

The theme of the Book of Esther is God’s providential care for his people.

…though the name of God be not in it [Esther], the finger of God is directing many minute events for the bringing about of his people’s deliverance.” ~ Matthew Henry

My hope is that after our study of Esther, Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – will have more meaning to us. That we will begin to be more aware of the providence of God in our own lives. That we would know that even when we feel that God is silent, we can be confident that he is working and orchestrating all things, with exact precision, for his glory and for our holiness.

The Lord intended by the narrative of Esther’s history to set before us a wonderful instance of His providence, that when we had viewed it with interest and pleasure, we might praise His name, and then go on to acquire the habit of observing His hand in other histories, and especially in our own lives.” ~ Spurgeon

We hope you’ll join us in our quest to know more of the character of God through this inspiring book. And we pray that as we’re challenged to see the working of God’s hand in our own lives, that we’ll be inspired to Love God Greatly all the more.

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