Marie Dentière joined a convent when she was young, committing to a life of serving the Lord from an early age. In 1525, Marie left the convent, moving to Strasbourg, France, to join the Reformation movement. 


Like many others, Marie was captivated by the theology of Martin Luther, a theologian and leader of the Reformation movement. Luther explained the biblical doctrine of grace that had not been widely taught in the Roman Catholic Church. Marie was considered a radical, even renouncing her vow of celibacy and marrying Simon Robert, a former priest. After Simon’s death, Marie married Antoine Froment and moved to Geneva, Switzerland. 


Marie was one of the first women, if not the first, to explain and defend Reformed theology in her writings. She firmly believed God’s Word should be accessible and available to everyone in the church, including women. At a time when the Roman Catholic Church preached only portions of Scripture, Marie expressed that all should be able to read and study the entire Bible. 


Marie knew the power and necessity of God’s Word and believed all who desired to know God should be able to read and study His Word for themselves. As the only woman to have her name engraved on the famous Wall of Reformers in Geneva, Marie was an influential figure in the church. 


Marie’s life reminds us that the truth of God’s Word is not just for the elite, the educated, or the wealthy. It is for all people, both men and women, from all cultures and backgrounds. We can continue to share God’s Word with others like Marie did, helping bring God’s Word to those who would not otherwise have access to it.


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