The first eleven chapters of Genesis can be challenging to understand. While there is much debate in the world today about the true meaning of these events, we can rest in the truth that God’s Word provides us with exactly what we need to be equipped for good works (2 Timothy 3:17), even in our questions. The Book of Genesis, as a whole, displays the character of God; His kindness, creativity, holiness, justice, wrath, power, and majesty are clearly portrayed on every page. 


Genesis 1–11 describes the way God created the world. These chapters were written to illuminate the holiness of God and show how humankind carries His image. They show God’s faithfulness to those who followed Him and the way He dealt with those who, in rebellion, turned from His ways. God’s creativity is on display in the creation story, His holiness seen when He deals with sin, His compassion evident when He cares for His people, His power and authority over creation shown through the flood, and His grace demonstrated in His promise of future redemption for sinful humans. 


Most evangelical scholars agree that Genesis was written by Moses during the time the Israelites wandered in the Desert of Zin, around 1440 ʙ.ᴄ. Written to the generation of Israelites preparing to enter and live in the Promised Land of Canaan, the words of Genesis reminded them who their God is and what it looked like to walk with Him.


In this Bible study, we will explore the first eleven chapters of Genesis, discovering the beginnings of creation, sin, grace, redemption, and promise. We can learn to love God greatly by studying His character, especially the aspects that are challenging and raise more questions in our faith. God shows His power and love in how He interacts with humanity. God is faithful to His people, His promises, and His covenant. His creativity is on display, reminding us of the vastness of His ability. May we be open to learn all He has for us, expectant that He will reveal Himself to us in new ways as we seek Him. 


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Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller

Melissa loves God’s Word and is committed to helping women fall in love with Scripture (and its author!). She has a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and served as the general editor of the NET Love God Greatly Bible and the managing editor of the CSB She Reads Truth Bible and the CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, loves running and hiking and is currently pursuing her goal of visiting all the National Parks in the US!

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