SOAP Verse from the Enduring Hope Bible study by Love God Greatly.

It is easy to listen to the world’s words, for we are constantly surrounded by them. Even subconsciously, without knowing, we all find ourselves internalizing the culture’s views and labeling them as truth. I have found myself adopting the world’s definition of beauty and determining my behavior based on it. Such activity has not led to loving myself or others well, for the culture determines that beauty is an outside matter. On the contrary, the Lord declares that true and unfading beauty is an entirely inner matter of goodness, virtue, and love (1 Peter 3:3–4).  

According to the Word of God, rejoicing in hope, or seeking the Lord in all things and meditating on His goodness, is a catalyst for mental renewal. Thinking on heavenly things is not the human default. The only way to think about heavenly things is to know heavenly things, and such things are found in God’s Word. Therefore, we must saturate ourselves in the Word and meditate on it day and night (Psalm 1:1–2). 

Consciously focusing on God is far from easy, for we live in a world ruled by the enemy, who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy us (John 10:10). The enemy desires to tempt us away from time in the Word of God with any distraction under the sun, even things that are, in fact, good. However, to overcome unproductive thinking and tend to good things, we must not let our time in the Word or in prayer be set aside, for this is where truth, peace, love, and power are found—the spiritual weapons we need to fight the unseen battle going on around us. 

In Matthew 6, when Jesus instructed His disciples on how to pray, He began with acknowledging and glorifying the Lord. This is something to not overlook in our own lives, for it keeps our focus on what matters as we walk through life on earth and encounter anxiety-provoking situations. Not only should we incorporate intentional focus on the Lord in our prayers, but we should exist in an attitude of prayer. Ephesians 6:18 tells us to pray at all times and in every moment. This means that there is never a moment that the Spirit of God is not present with us; there is never a moment He does not desire to be intimately involved in our lives.   

Friend, if you are a believer in Christ, you have the power to see the world differently. Because you believe that there is a God who created you for a relationship with Him, everything changes. You know the truth. You have an identity as a child of God, and you have a purpose far greater than this world can offer you. You are not alone as you walk this earth, for the Holy Spirit living in you will remind you of the truth Jesus told you at first (John 14:26). He will sanctify you and guide you through every situation you encounter that tries to steal your focus from God. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells His disciples, 

“But above all pursue his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as wel.”
Matthew 6:33

Know and believe that God is with you, and when you seek Him, He will provide. 


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Grace Ann Hopkins

Grace Ann Hopkins

Grace Ann Hopkins loves Jesus. She is currently a student at Liberty University, excitedly studying Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on Business, Religion, and Christian Counseling. She has a deep love for God’s Word and seeks to share it with whoever crosses her path. Grace Ann loves her family and friends deeply, and her mission in life is to make sure the person next to her feels loved. She wants you to know that you indeed matter because God hand-crafted you specifically with a special purpose and loves you just the way you are (Ps 139:13-14, Eph 2:10, Jn 3:16). You can connect with Grace Ann on her website and blog.

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