Amazing things happen when one woman decides to give God her all.

This is how our Afrikaans branch was started way back in 2013, when a South African woman saw the need for community and biblical knowledge among the women of her nation.

It all started with a simple, “Here I am, Lord.” But then, all great stories do, don’t they?

With each word translated from English to Afrikaans, she prayed for God to take them and use them for His glory.

The rest is His-story!

Today, the Afrikaans branch is co-led by two women whom God brought together and made them the dearest of friends. Together they lead a team of 9 translators, 3 graphic designers, 3 proof-readers, 1 prayer leader, and 8 ladies who facilitate Bible study groups in their language. Hundreds and thousands of women all around the world now benefit from the Bible studies and godly community of connecting with women who speak the same language and worship the same Lord and Savior.

The Shame Breaker Bible study journal in Afrikaans.

Here is what the Afrikaans team say about the way God has gone before them to grow and move within this ministry:

“We have Afrikaans women from all over the world following our studies.

We are very thankful to the Lord for His leading, His blessing, and His faithfulness!

One of our biggest dreams for the LGG Afrikaans branch is to have our journals printed in South Africa. The Amazon shipping to South Africa is very expensive and the journals take a long time to arrive, so they aren’t available in time for each study. Book Depository doesn’t ship to South Africa, either. Our ladies download the journals from our website and print it out, and we are very thankful that they have this opportunity, but we would love for them to be able to have their own beautifully printed LGG journals in Afrikaans for each study.

We would also LOVE to have the Love God Greatly Bible translated into Afrikaans! When we shared about the new Love God Greatly Bible on Facebook, we had so many ladies asking if it was available in their native language as well.

It would be such a blessing for Afrikaans women to have the Love God Greatly Bible with everything it offers in their own language!

We are also dreaming about having the LGG studies translated into more of South Africa’s 11 official languages. There aren’t many Bible study resources available in South Africa, and most of what is available is in English. In the last few months, two of South Africa’s languages were added to the LGG translations (Setswana and isiZulu) and we praise God for these new translations!

We are praying for more of the languages of South Africa to be added and we know that it will be a blessing for the women of Southern Africa to have Bible studies in their own languages.

We are very thankful to God for Love God Greatly, and for the privilege to be able to serve the Afrikaans women with these incredible resources which help them grow in their relationship with God as they study His Word in their native tongue.”

One of the LGG Afrikaans co-leaders, Jerine, holding the Afrikaans translation of our Esther study.

Friends, help us equip our Afrikaans branch so they can serve and reach even more women with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Help us make their dreams come true!

We praise God for all of our translators and the way God is growing their teams and consequently their reach in their own languages. As you see from our Afrikaans branch, at Love God Greatly we not only provide FREE Bible study resources for women who would otherwise have no access to God’s Word, but we also train and equip our translators with leadership skills so they can teach women how to study God’s Word for themselves.

Together we can change the world!!! One woman, one nation at a time!

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Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

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