I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to live in a different time in history. A day when the world wasn’t so cynical, when tolerance wasn’t a religion, when success meant more than money and power, and when more people genuinely looked out for each other. But different times only would have come with a different set of challenges in this sin-sick world.

Paul and Timothy had their own set of challenges for sure.

But instead of focusing on another time in history or some kind of easy way out, Paul focused on their assignment in the present.

They were men on a mission, and it was time to get serious.

Guard the deposit entrusted to you…

When I read “guard the deposit entrusted to you,” I see a football player who has just been given the ball and is guarding it with his life as he runs toward the goal. Along the way there are those who want to stop him. Some will get in his path, others will try to knock him down from all sides, and others will try to make him fumble the ball. Each one wants to stop him from making it to the goal. That’s a picture of what our spiritual lives can feel like some days. But despite who or what comes against us, we hold on to our faith, we keep our eyes fixed on the goal of heaven, and we remember why we’re playing.” – Angela Perritt

While studying 1 Timothy 6 this week, I flipped open my nine year old’s NIrV early reader Bible. I LOVE the directness of Paul’s words to Timothy throughout this chapter in this sweet translation:

Hold on to what you believe.

Take hold of eternal life.

God gives life to everything.

Put your hope in God.

Take hold of the life that is really life.

Timothy, guard what God has trusted you with. Turn away from godless chatter. Stay away from opposing ideas that are falsely called knowledge. Some people believe them. By doing that they have wandered away from the faith.

And so I have to ask.

Are you actively taking hold – seriously guarding with everything you’ve got – the life that is REALLY life?

Or are you living on the defense, surrounded on all sides, believing the lies, and feeling like you might as well give up as the weight of the world closes in on you?

Get back in the game by drinking deeply of the gospel.

The gospel is where hope resides. It’s where our minds are guarded against the battles that rage all around us. The gospel lifts us out of the muck, sets us on course, and plants us firmly on solid ground. It gives us strength to get back up with more determination than ever because we are convinced that nothing can get in the way of sure victory.

If you guard the gospel, the world can’t take your joy.

If you guard the gospel, the world can’t sway your mind.

If you guard the gospel, the world can’t steal your focus.


If you guard the gospel, you can’t help but give it away…


Let’s talk: In what area of your life can you take a stand and guard the gospel this week? 


At His feet,




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