As we count down to the start of our next study, it is our extreme JOY and HONOR to announce that our Growing Through Prayer study materials are now available in SEVENTEEN TRANSLATIONS!!

Just wow. 

{Go ahead and jump up and down… I know you want to!}

Read these precious words by our friend Edurne, Translator and Director of LGG Spanish, to get a glimpse into the heart behind these longed-for resources that are reaching women around the world:


“Every new session we run to translate our materials, to make graphics, and to get everything ready for this day… the day where LGG translations go live.

We carve out all the time we can from the 24 hours we have every day. We skip sleep, we run through the day to feed our families, clean our houses, buy groceries, and bake goodies for our local churches. We make mental to-do lists at work, we take our laptops to our children’s practices, and hide our phones so we won’t be distracted.

We’ve had to learn new skills and to tighten our schedules – our lives! – in order to meet deadlines.

And sometimes people around us ask why. Why do you work so hard to do this?

Oh, how I love to be asked why! It gives me the opportunity to tell the person who asks about Juana, the elderly woman in the jungle of Venezuela who waits for the translations to arrive to her village. I tell about this lady in Costa Rica who saw how her adult daughter came to Christ in one of her LGG group meetings. About Danae from Peru, who makes copies of our journals and takes them to her local church. About Maria Celeste, from Argentina, who gathers her four children to do the study with her to impress God’s Word in their little hearts. And I tell about woman after woman around the world who count on us as their only source to study God’s Word.

We do it for God.

And we do it for them. 

We do it because God has given us the privilege to help women grow in Him… to help women reach others with the gospel.

So next time you see me, please ask me why.

And we will have coffee and a long conversation about my Savior.”

{Love God Greatly Bible study Reading Plans are deep in the jungle of Venezuela!}



We humbly come before you today to offer Growing Through Prayer study resources in the following additional languages:


















When I think about women literally coming together as sisters in Christ, passionately seeking to know God more through His Word, I feel like I get a little glimpse of heaven. A huge THANK YOU to the incredible women who have made these translations possible. MUCH prayer, time, effort, and sacrifice has gone into their labors of love, so that even MORE women are reached, inspired and encouraged by the LGG community, and most importantly, by studying the truth of God’s Word together!

Can you – or someone you know – benefit from the FREE resources for our Growing Through Prayer study in one of the languages listed above? Simply click on the link below to access Growing Through Prayer Reading Plans and Study Journals for the SEVENTEEN translations offered this session:


And then do a little celebration dance with us… and thank God for the great things He has done!

 “… that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” ~ Psalm 67:2-3

At His feet,

Growing Through Prayer begins this coming Monday, January 11th! It’s not too late to grab some friends and join us! Check out this post for links to additional resources and for all you need to know to get connected to our beautiful community of women before this session begins. Won’t you start 2016 in God’s Word with us?!

Growing Through Prayer

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We also offer a Growing Through Prayer for KIDS! You can find it on Amazon, here. (Note: The kids journal will have a stamp in the top right corner stating it is the Love God Greatly Kids Journal)

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