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My husband was presented with a job opportunity in the “promised land.” I was also promised a job by his employer. 

Isaiah 43 came to mind:

“Don’t think about the previous things, and pay no heed to what happened earlier. Look, I’m going to make something new…I’m making a way in the desert…”

I saw this as confirmation that God was going to make everything new. However, it says later that the Lord will lead you through the wilderness back to your native land. 

My job opportunity did not materialize. Our savings were depleted. The owner of our rented house knocked on my door because the rent was four days late. I explained that we just returned from my father’s memorial service in South Africa and she looked at me with ice-cold eyes. She saw the limited furniture, the pile of dishes. Her actions told me there was no place for the middle class in this “promised land,” yet, God turns trials into blessings.

The landlord told me how her childhood was affected by a partner who defrauded her father, and she invited me to visit her office. That night we paid the rent and prayed. The next day I had coffee with her, and she invited someone along who worked in my field of expertise. I gave them my resume, but there seemed to be no hope.

We were released from the lease agreement and found cheaper accommodations. During the lowest time, ashamed of our choices, broken through loss, God showed us there is mercy, hope, and forgiveness through Him.

Our church became a refuge. I found two angels there, and an old school acquaintance who lives nearby became a close friend. My prayer circle was growing.

Today I can testify that God loves us so much that He always gives us choices. After many problems that followed our move, we returned to South Africa.

I now realize this is our promised land. I live in gratitude for each day, blooming where I was planted. When I look for answers, I silence my own voice. I study God’s Word completely, not just the parts that suit me. If you make mistakes, believe in second chances. God’s arms are always open.

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Angela Perritt

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