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I didn’t have a concept of God until I was about twelve years old. I lived with my grandmother, only seeing my parents on weekends due to my father’s alcoholism and abuse of my mother. I learned how to take care of myself from an early age. I felt that everyone treated me differently when my parents weren’t around, and I felt lonely and insignificant. 

One day, one of my classmates invited me to go to church with her. Everyone there was happy, genuine, and nice to me. I loved going to church. I would show up first to all of the church meetings because I couldn’t wait to be there with those happy and joyful people. I wanted what they had.

That same year, I returned to my parent’s house for the summer holidays. The house was full of fear over my dad’s condition. Finally, things got so bad that I prayed to God and asked Him to change my dad and save my family. Later that summer, God answered! My parents became Christians and their lives were changed. 

I almost couldn’t believe that God heard my cry and changed my family. Since then, I have seen His incredible love poured out for us, over and over again. A few years later, my dad became a pastor, walking with God for the rest of his life. God used my father’s illness to draw me near to Him, and He used his faith to strengthen mine and to encourage me to give my life to serving Him. 

Our God is a healer. His work is indescribable. His amazing love for us is beyond our understanding. His plan for us is perfect and will happen in His perfect timing. 

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Angela Perritt

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