Hello from Uganda! Welcome Ladies to our study of Esther Week 3! I am really excited to be here with you all!

Let’s dive right in…

Our verses for today are Esther 3:1-4 and Psalm 95:6. We see in the Esther verses that Mordecai has decided finally to stand up for what he believes in. Up till now he has stayed a bit quiet, bowing to the King and keeping his customs and practices in line with the customs of his surroundings. He has encouraged Esther to “fly below the radar” and keep her identity secret and follow along with what they ask her to do in the palace.

But why does Mordecai decide to take a stand now? When he is asked to bow to Haman, he refuses, and this leads to consequences. But why now? One reason is that Haman is an Agagite, and the Agagites are a long-time enemy of the Jews. Mordecai has finally decided that enough is enough and he will not defile his beliefs any longer by bowing to his enemy.

1. It is never to late to take a stand.

Even though Mordecai didn’t stand up from the beginning, he decides to take a stand now. And we can do the same. We can choose this day to say, “No more” to the things that we have been letting slide that we know we should really take a stand for. Is it a TV show that we really know isn’t benefitting us? A gossip conversation that we have been a part of that we know we need to stop? Even if we have failed to take a stand in the past, it isn’t too late to say today is the day!

2. We can choose to bow to the Lord our God.Β 

Psalm 95:6 invites us to worship and bow down before the Lord our God our Maker. Take a moment to read this verse and let it sink in. What have you been bowing to other than the Lord? Idols have a way of creeping in without us even realizing it! Take a moment to think about what has become an idol in your life, and confess. Then choose to bow to the Lord!

3. Let’s kneel.

“Let us kneel before the Lord our God our Maker.” Let’s really kneel, physically kneel, before the Lord this week. And this is our Week 3 Challenge:

{Week 3 Challenge}

Week 3 Challenge - Each Morning this week, take five minutes to get down on your knees and kneel before the Lord, your Maker. Spend time worshipping Him.

{Week 3 Video}

{If you cannot see this video, please click here to watch it!}

{Week 3 Reading Plan}

WK 3 Reading Plan

{Week 3 Memory Verse}
Esther week 3 memory verse
All for Jesus,

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