Sometimes translating, scheduling posts, preparing YouVersion, and other routine tasks can feel just like that: routine tasks.


We forget why we do all this work. Spending all these hours behind a screen instead of walking, playing games, reading, baking, or whatever we like to do in our free time.


And then come those moments when God shows us that we do not do this work in vain:


  • A mom at school expresses how touched she was by the moment of prayer just for her in the LGG Dutch Facebook group.
  • A friend who just wanted to quickly say how blessed she feels by the posts on Instagram.
  • An elderly woman who cannot go to church in this season of COVID-19 but finds community in our groups.
  • A woman who is not able to go to church because of tension in her family but she is so blessed by being able to serve on our translator team.
  • A girl who just came to faith in Christ a few months ago and wants to learn the Bible with other women.



Every woman counts to God. He sees them all. We only see the ti[ of the iceberg, especially online, but God loves each and every one of them. He sees every woman on our team, how serving the Dutch women and seeing them grow in their love for God helps us through the translation routine at home.


That is what keeps us going. Not the amount of engagement on social media, the likes or number of followers. It is a cultural thing for the Dutch women to keep their personal faith private and often cannot be counted in number, but rather in depth.


What keeps us going are all these different, individual stories of women who are feeling loved and cherished. Who are able to grow in faith and serve the Lord in their communities.


Our dream for 2021 is that we can finally have our in-person team meeting that was cancelled last March because of the pandemic. Our dream is to encourage and grow our team so it will be able to continue serving more women.


We would love to connect with more missionaries and churches and share the beautiful resources of Love God Greatly Netherlands. We want to have a beautifully designed and functional website, and we are working hard to get all the older studies available on the blog as well as inspiring videos.


We also really need the international intensive trainings which take place every few years in Angela’s (the Love God Greatly Founder and Director) home to be able to connect with our international team, be encouraged, and plan for the future. Because of the last training conference we were able to grow and expand our impact in The Netherlands and beyond.


Because of His love and His grace we are able to serve from behind our computer screens, knowing that we are not alone and He uses the fruit of our labor for His glory.


Love God Greatly Netherlands Branch Leader

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