The first 3 chapters of Micah are filled with pretty hard words of rebuke and judgement against various sins the people of God were involved in. Specifically Micah pointed out their sins of idolatry and covetousness, which led to a whole host of other sinful behaviors and problems.

While these are truths we need to hear (as did the Israelites back then), Micah’s second sermon is much more hopeful. His topic in chapters 3-5 is that there is a deliverer who is coming and with him comes peace and righteousness. Who doesn’t long for that?

Our verses for today focus on a future hope. In the time of Micah the people of God were weak, hurting, wayward, and scattered. But the prophet promises that a time will come when God will gather His sheep and make them strong.

This is true of Christians today as well. We are weak, wounded, scattered, and at times rebellious. But this future hope is for all of God’s people. God will gather all of His sheep and heal them. He will make you whole, He will take away your pain, dry your eyes, and walk with you in paradise.

This is only possible because of Jesus. He is the redeemer who purchased us out of the slavery of sin. He is the Savior who rescues us from the just judgement of God. He is the Restorer who is working daily at restoring the image of Christ in us and will one day bring it to completion. He is our Healer who will take all of our broken parts and mend them so that they are not only whole but perfect. He is our Provider who will give us everything we need to overcome sin and grow in righteousness.

It is because of Jesus that you can be joyful, thankful, and content in this life knowing that you have an even better life waiting for you.

He is our everything!

Unfortunately the lure of the world, the deceitfulness of sin, and the suffering in our lives can make us forget or even doubt that God will make all things new. All too often our eyes are focused on the temporal instead of the eternal.

So what can you do to live life to the fullest and yet be grounded in the future hope you have because of Jesus?

Remain in God’s Word. It is your anchor in all of life’s circumstances. It corrects your faulty beliefs, it calms your heart, and comforts your soul. Scripture is a constant reminder of God’s vast love for you and the length Jesus went to save you.

Challenge: This week think about and write down all the things that keep you from being joyful in the future hope that you have been promised. What can you do to stoke the flame of joy and thankfulness?

Looking to Jesus,


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Jen Thorn

Jen Thorn

Jen Thorn grew up in Germany and then spent her teenage years in Africa, where her parents were missionaries. She moved to the United States for college and attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where she met her husband. They have been married for twenty-two years and have four children. Jen lives in the suburbs of Chicago, where her husband is the pastor of Redeemer Fellowship. Jen is passionate about theology and the connection to daily living.

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