Devotional: The Greatest Gift Given W6D3

Wednesday: Peace in Your Circumstances

Read: Isaiah 26:3; 2 Corinthians 1:3–11

SOAP: Isaiah 26:3

You keep completely safe the people who maintain their faith, for they trust in you.


We have learned through our study that God is good, and He is consistent and unchanging. But our God is also just, and the prophet Isaiah had some hard words to share with those who would defy the covenant God made with His people. But for those who remain faithful, God promises peace and safety.

In chapter 26, Isaiah shifts our attention from the circumstances of the fallen world around us back up to the perfect kingdom of heaven. Although we have yet to see it, we can take heart knowing that God will do what He says He will do: our God will reign over all. No matter what happens in the world, in our communities, or in our families, God will have the final victory.

At Christmas we celebrate the arrival of Jesus, our Savior, as a baby born of a virgin, both God and man. But the story is just beginning, because we now get to live with the holy expectation of Christ’s return—not as a baby, but our ultimate Deliverer.

As our faith becomes more steadfast and we hold on to the gifts and promises of God, we will experience peace, regardless of our circumstances.


God, You are my rock and my sure foundation. When I seek safety and peace, may I find it in Your presence, no matter my circumstances. Thank You for this gift of peace, and for always keeping Your promises. Amen.