Devotional: Mark W4D3

Day 3

Reading: Mark 10:32–52

SOAP: Mark 10:45

“For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

As the time of Jesus’ death drew closer, He gave His disciples indications of what was to come. He told them exactly what would happen to Him, how He would be humbled and humiliated for the sake of their redemption.

The disciples still did not understand Jesus’ purpose on earth. They still wanted Him to rule and reign, and they wanted honor and authority when He did. In His response, Jesus showed how the kingdom of God is nothing like the kingdom of the world. He would serve, not be served; He would give His life to save theirs.

Jesus continued to reveal Himself to the disciples, showing them how His kingdom was not of the world. He is the example we are to follow. His life of service is the standard He desires for us. Serving Him does not need to be a grand gesture. It can be simple acts of humility and care for those around us. May we be followers of Christ who seek to serve Him no matter the cost, for He gave everything for us.

Lord Jesus, You are the true servant. Thank You for serving me beyond anything I could ask or imagine. Thank You for giving everything for my salvation. I praise You for Your humility and Your service. May I have a heart to serve others the way You serve me. Amen.