Devotional: Mark W2D1


Day 1

Reading: Mark 3:20–35 

SOAP: Mark 3:35

“For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”

In first-century Greco-Roman culture, family was everything. Family heritage determined status and family ties demanded the strongest loyalty, even, in some cases, more than marriage. Jesus was not being dismissive or disrespectful in Mark 3:35. Instead, He used an ordinary moment to teach a profound truth: The Christian’s true family is found in the church.

For Jesus to respond in this way to His biological family was radical. Jesus did not discount family bonds by any means. Instead, He extended the members of a family to include all those who did the will of God. In Christ, we have inherited the unbreakable bond of family with all who believe in Him.

We have the privilege of counting ourselves as members of a greater family than the one into which we were born. We are all members together, united by Christ, sharing one spirit and love. We strive for unity because within this family, our bonds should be unbreakable. Our strongest bond should be the faith we share in Jesus, not our background, political standing, culture, or biological families. In Christ, we find our family and maintain our unity through Him.

Lord, I thank You that in You I have a unity that surpasses anything else in life. My bond to You overcomes all of the differences I have with other believers. Help me be a true sister to my fellow believers around the world. Amen.