Devotional: Mark W1D5

Day 5 

Reading: Mark 3:1–19 

SOAP: Mark 3:13–15

Now Jesus went up the mountain and called for those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve so that they would be with him and he could send them to preach and to have authority to cast out demons.

As Mark continued to reveal who Jesus is, he made one thing clear: Jesus did not do ministry alone. Jesus chose His disciples to be His companions and His partners in His Kingdom work. These twelve disciples spent the better part of three years with Jesus, listening to Him teach and watching Him perform miracles. 

Jesus did not choose perfect men to be His disciples. They bickered, were slow to learn, had very little faith, and one even betrayed Him. They ministered with Jesus, were given the power to heal and perform miracles, and took the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth. 

Jesus could have accomplished His purpose on earth alone. He chose these twelve men, not because He needed them, but so they could share His incredible work with the world. 

Lord, thank You for the ministry of the disciples. Thank You for showing me their flaws and successes so I can learn from both. You can do mighty things through anyone, even me. Please bring others alongside me as I seek to bring Your name to the ends of the earth. Amen.