Devotional: Know Love W4D4


Read: 3 John 5–8
SOAP: 3 John 8

Therefore we ought to support such people, so that we become coworkers in cooperation with the truth.

Everyone is called to proclaim the gospel to others. Some are called to full time ministry. This often requires them to leave family and friends and go to places outside of their comfort zone in order to share the Good News of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Those who are not called to move to another country or be in full time ministry can still be a part of spreading God’s message of forgiveness by supporting those who go. All Christians should work together for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Some can give consistent prayer, others can offer financial support, and others can provide housing or material gifts for those who have given sacrificed for the Lord.

Lord, show each one of us the part we should play in sharing the Good News of Your forgiveness through Jesus. Help me to trust that You will provide for me as I help others. Open my eyes to see the ways in which You are calling me to serve and support Your church. Amen.