Devotional: Draw Near W4D2


Read – Psalm 119:17-18, Luke 11:28

SOAP – Psalm 119:17-18


Be kind to your servant!
Then I will live and keep your instructions.
Open my eyes so I can truly see
the marvelous things in your law!


In addition to being a literary masterpiece and a beautiful work of art, Psalm 119 is also well known for its teaching on God’s law. The beauty of this psalm, though, lies not only in encouraging us to be devoted to God’s commands but also in the psalmist’s example of complete devotion to the Lord. We can find a reference to God’s Word in almost every verse.

In these verses we are reminded that we need the Word, because we are God’s servants. In His Word, our Master gives us directions for the work He wants us to do. We are not only servants but also students. Our basic manual is the Word of God. We desperately need God to open our eyes so that we can see the wonderful things hidden in His word.

Lord, thank You that Your Word is beautiful. Help us to relentlessly seek Your instructions and guidance for our lives. We are Your servants and life-long students. Help us to focus our eyes not on the things of this world, but on the glorious wonders in Your Word. Amen.