Devotional: Draw Near W4D1

Week 4


Read – Psalm 19:10-11, John 17:14-19

SOAP – Psalm 19:10-11


They are of greater value than gold,
than even a great amount of pure gold;
they bring greater delight than honey,
than even the sweetest honey from a honeycomb.
Yes, your servant finds moral guidance there;
those who obey them receive a rich reward.


The psalmist here compares God’s Word to honey. He says that it brings greater delight than even the sweetest honey! Honey was likely the sweetest substance in David’s day, and rare enough to be considered a luxury. Food is necessary, but it can also be a source of great delight. God’s word is meant to not only feed our soul but to delight our soul as well.


God’s words are more delightful than honey and are more valuable than gold. From Old Testament days until today gold remains one of the most valuable and precious metals on earth. One pound of pure gold is worth almost $20,000. Yet, God’s word is worth more to our souls.


God, thank You that You have given us Your Word. It is indeed more valuable than anything we can find on earth, and more delightful than the sweetest of sweets. Help us to find our contentment in You and not in food or possessions. Help us to obey Your words and to receive a rich reward. Amen.