Devotional: Draw Near W2D1



Read – Psalm 19:4-6, Colossians 2:1-10

SOAP – Psalm 19:4-6


Yet its voice echoes throughout the earth;
its words carry to the distant horizon.
In the sky he has pitched a tent for the sun.
Like a bridegroom it emerges from its chamber;
like a strong man it enjoys running its course.

It emerges from the distant horizon,
and goes from one end of the sky to the other;
nothing can escape its heat.


Have you ever marvelled at the power of the Sun? It’s colossal size: over one million planet Earth’s could fit inside of it. How it radiates the perfect amount of light and heat for life to thrive, burning neither too hot nor too cold for all of creation. It’s perfect position from the Earth, remaining on the perfect path of orbit. The intricate complex movement of the Sun and Earth bring night, day, and season. God has surely manifested His great power and superior sufficiency in the creation of the Sun.

The psalmist likened the sun to a bridegroom; the glory, love, and anticipation felt by a groom leaving the marriage pavilion to claim his bride. He also compares it to a vigorous athlete running a race, speaking of the sun’s power and determination. The sun is surely a centerpiece of God’s creation. We can only conclude that since it is so glorious, its Creator must be even more glorious!

God, thank You for showing us Your power and greatness every day through what You have made. Thank You for Your faithfulness and how You proclaim Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness every night. Amen.