Devotional: Draw Near W1D1


Monday – January 6

Read – Psalm 19:1-3, Psalm 33:6-9

SOAP – Psalm 19:1-3


The heavens declare the glory of God;

the sky displays his handiwork.

Day after day it speaks out;

night after night it reveals his greatness.

There is no actual speech or word,

nor is its voice literally heard.


Can you recall the last time you stood in awe of creation? From laying under a spectacular starry sky, to driving through a vast mountain range, to hearing a newborn baby’s cry, His creation evokes in us a sense of wonder.

David spent a lot of time outside in his early years, tending his family’s sheep. He had a lot of time to gaze at the glory of creation. He says that the heaven’s ‘declare’ God’s glory, the sky ‘speaks it out’. The sky doesn’t actually speak audible words, but God’s great power and royal majesty are magnified in creation.

Creation is a wordless witness to the world. The works of His hand needs no translation. It is on display for all of humanity to see; day after day, night after night, from David’s day, until today. God’s creation bears ongoing testimony, without using a single word, of His infinite power and wisdom!

Lord, we worship You as Creator. We stand in awe of all You have made. Your eternal power and divine nature are evident in what You create. Continue to open our eyes to Your majesty, and help those who do not yet know You to behold Your greatness through Your creation. Amen.