Today we come to a very interesting part of the story of David. We have seen David’s boldness as he fought Goliath, but David was not fearless. There are many instances in the Psalms where David admits his fears. As a matter of fact, sometimes he is so fearful that it is almost debilitating (Psalm 55:5).  But fear is not what characterizes bravery. Boldness in the midst of fear is bravery. And so God uses David’s boldness to grow him into a brave and mighty warrior.

David becomes so successful in his military campaigns that poets are writing songs for him. We see in 1 Samuel 18:7 that the people were having their version of a parade and the women were singing, “Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”

This ticks Saul off. His mood sours quickly and his jealousy so overtakes him that he tries to kill David with his spear… twice! Isn’t it amazing that David stuck around?

Saul does not want David to be around him anymore so he makes him commander of 1000 men, and God gives David and his men great victory. Once again Saul is upset, but he is also fearful because he has come to know the reason for David’s success. He now knows that God is with David (vs. 12,14).

We read the story of David and we think that he is a pretty great man, but we must focus on the God who made David great. God is greater. David was not a mighty warrior because of his own strength and power, but because of God’s strength and power.  So instead of thinking, “Oh, I wish I was bold and brave like David,” we need to be thinking, “Oh, I want to know and trust God the way David knew and trusted God.”

We should desire for God to use us for the advancement of his kingdom in whatever way he sees fit. For some of us it may mean being bold and brave in the midst of persecution. For others of us it may mean being bold and brave in what we may see as mundane. But let me assure you, parenting is not for the faint of heart. Raising little ones who know God’s Word and love Him takes a lot of wisdom and faith, prayer and perseverance. Living a countercultural life takes boldness and bravery.

We see David as a mighty warrior, which he surely was. But there is One who is even mightier, whose power works through the weakest and whose battle cry is one of victory and glory. Look to Him!

Looking To Jesus,




Our challenge for this week is that we need to ask God to make us bold and brave in the midst of difficulty and opposition.





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