Choosing Prayer Over Worry


I tend to struggle with worry.

I honestly try not to…it just sort of happens.

There have been days when I catch myself worrying that I’m worrying too much…seriously, I know….I’m a hot mess.

And believe me, I’m an equal opportunity worrier.

I worry about big things like world issues and small things like did I remember to pick up milk while out at the grocery store….which many times is, no.

Yet, despite my tendency to worry, I know the cure for my anxiety is prayer and supplication.

Turning my worries into prayers and focusing on the truth that God is in control, not me.

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:5-7

God is near.

What an amazing reminder that I need EVERYDAY!

Do not be anxious about anything…sounds like the impossible, doesn’t it?!!!

Many times I feel like the more accurate reading would be “be anxious only in a few things”…that sounds a little more realistic in my opinion.

Because seriously…we have so much to be anxious for, don’t we?

We are worried about what this crazy world will be like when our children or grandchildren are raised.

We are worried about making the rent or house payment for this month.

We are worried about the test results from this week’s trip to the doctor’s office.

We are worried about that new boy our daughter started dating last week.

We are worried about how to pay for college…or what college our kids will attend.

We are worried about the state of our country and who will be the next president.

We are worried about our marriage.

We have worries at every age and at every stage in life.

Worry will stay with us every day and rob us of joy…if we let it.

Yet Paul reminds us that God is near and we are not to worry, but to pray instead.


Sounds almost too simple to really make any difference, doesn’t it?

You mean, talk to an unseen God like He’s real? Like He’s right here in front of me….across this table?

You mean, talk to God like He’s… near?


Tonight as I sit here in my home and think about the prayers that I’ve prayed today….the prayers that I’ve prayed over my girls, my friends, my family and my country…I just wonder.

Maybe part of praying – part of turning our worries into prayers – is God’s way of helping His children see Him.

Maybe there is a blessing, a silver lining if you may, in the choice that we all encounter everyday…will you today choose worry or prayer?

And maybe through our specific, daily, simple prayers we get the blessing of seeing God in our lives.

Strangely, without the choice of worry or prayer we might miss out on the excitement of seeing God at work…and allowing those around us to see Him too.

This past week I’ve been reading a book about a female missionary to Egypt named Lillian Trasher. Until reading this book, I had never heard of Lillian before, but this principle of choosing prayer over worry rings true in her life. As a single American Christian woman in Egypt in the early 1900’s, Lillian had many things in her life that could have caused her to worry.

From the world’s viewpoint, she didn’t have the finances to even move to Egypt to answer God’s call on her life, let alone start a ministry.

Her personal safety was always a concern from those who objected to her moving to Egypt and living among the people.

Yet time and time again Lillian chose prayer over fear and trusted God to intervene.

Through the trials, tribulations and struggles, Lillian developed a beautiful relationship with God as she saw Him actively answer her prayers.

Does this mean that every prayer she prayed came back a “Yes”? No.

Does this mean she never struggled with heartache, pain or disappointments? No.

What I did see through this story as I read it to my girls and they begged me to read “just one more chapter, mommy”…is this beautiful “You are so real to me Jesus I could almost reach out and touch you” relationship Lillian had with God.

Through Lillian’s choices to pray and trust God, the reality of His nearness became crystal clear.

And in the nearness…God’s peace was felt.

Maybe that’s where the thanksgiving comes into play too. Maybe it’s the opportunity to choose prayer over worry and in doing so we have the blessing of seeing God in action.

He is near, sweet friend. Choose today prayer over worry…and I will too!

Love God Greatly!







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