I sat on the couch in his office and prayed for God to help me to respond kindly. Across from me sat my boss who was a Christian man, and I worked at a Christian school. Over the course of several weeks, he had questioned my capabilities, misrepresented my motives, stripped me of responsibilities I loved, and placed me on probation.

I’d started working at the school way before he did. In fact, I’d grown up there. I met Christ as a middle school student in a chapel service, and it was my joy to give back and serve as a teacher to young people in the same classrooms I’d sat in for six years.

Except now, this new boss was a thorn in my flesh. For some crazy reason, he just didn’t like me, and I might lose my job because of it. But it was more than just a job – it was my ministry, my heart, my calling. I’d spent over a decade working there and loved every moment.

I didn’t know what to do, so I went back to my classroom and closed the door. I sat in a student desk and placed my open Bible in front of me and asked God to help me. I needed His direction. I didn’t know where to turn, so I turned to my Master first.

It was the 22nd day of the month, so I read through Proverbs 22 and prayed over each verse. When I got to verse 11, I heard the clear voice of the Holy Spirit give me my marching orders:

“He who loves purity of heart, and whose speech is gracious, will have the king as his friend.”

Really, Lord? I understood exactly what God was asking me to do, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be gracious and loving to a man who wanted to destroy my life. I spent a few minutes crying out for God’s strength, praying for God’s blessing over my boss, and asking God to help me to serve with joy in the midst of a very uncomfortable situation.

In I Timothy 6, Paul is encouraging Timothy to counsel the church body to choose wisely. We can never control the response of those whose authority we are placed under, but we can choose to respectfully honor them in the name of Christ by showing up to serve faithfully. 

Rather than shrink back and grow disillusioned, we are called to step forward and get diligent. We win the war by washing the feet of the very one who is opposing us. 

Whenever I am tempted to start complaining about how someone is treating me, I remember that Jesus picked up a towel and basin and kneeled before Judas to serve. He set the example for all of us to follow. We are called to represent Christ by redoubling our efforts to serve even when we aren’t rewarded.

I don’t know where you are standing today, friend. Perhaps you have a difficult boss or a negative neighbor. Maybe you are accused of something you did not do, or you are giving your all in a place where no one recognizes your hard work. I want you to know that God sees you striving to obey His voice, and He is pleased by your sacrifice.

And by the way, I kept that job, and when that boss resigned to move to a new school, he shook my hand and told me how his opinion of me had changed. He recognized my faithful efforts, and I found favor in his eyes.

May God give us the grace to stay in the fight and faithfully serve – even when it’s hard.

Keeping the Faith,



Lyli Dunbar enjoys karaoke in the car with her husband, digging into Bible study with the girls, and reading 12 books at a time. A writer, speaker, and mentor, her burning passion is to know Jesus and to make Him known. Join her at lylidunbar.com to find fuel for a wildfire faith. You may also connect with Lyli on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, You Tube and Pinterest.





Week 4 Challenge: Each day this week, PRAY for those in authority over you and find ways to redouble your efforts to serve as you represent Christ in your work.

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