So far in our study we have defined what it means to be set apart spiritually and in our hearts. But what does it mean to be set apart in our minds? Our SOAP verses for today will help us uncover the answer to this question and set us up for this week, as well as offer us a practical application for our daily lives. 

Let’s dive in together!

In order to understand what we are called to do, it is often helpful to also look at the opposite – what we are not called to do. Romans 12:2 helps us with that, offering one negative and one positive command:

  • Do not be conformed
  • Be transformed
Do not be conformed to this present world

The word “conformed” refers to the external life, the outward image of a person. The meaning of the word as used here goes hand in hand with a conflict between what is on the inside and what is portrayed on the outside.

What it suggests is that we should not pretend, or put on an act, as if to agree (conform) with the present world.

What is the present world? The values, beliefs, and trends of any certain age. These are always dominated by Satan, as he is described in the Bible as the god of the world (2 Corinthians 4:4). 

Let’s not agree with the world, or worse yet pretend to be on good terms with it, while disagreeing with its values on the inside. Let the light of Christ inside you shine bright for all to see!

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Now we move on to what to do instead – instead of being conformed, we should be transformed. What’s the difference?

Simply put, they are opposites. 

While conforming, as we’ve defined, often means a misalignment between a person’s inward being and outward appearance or behavior, transformation means that what has taken place on the inside is visible and clear on the outside as well.

In fact, the Greek word used here in the original text is the word from which the English word “metamorphosis” is derived. A simple definition of metamorphosis is, “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.”

The change Jesus has made in your heart and life will transform you into a completely different person.

How is this transformation possible? Does it happen as soon as you give your life over to God, believing in Jesus and confessing your sins?

Yes and no.

While the life of a pardoned sinner is justified once and for all at the point of salvation, the continued process of sanctification happens as we live out our personal relationship with Him. This continued transformation by the renewal of your mind is only possible by the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who consistently study and meditate on God’s Word. 

So don’t give up. Don’t grow weary. This kind of transformation is only possible over time. You might not see victory in every area of your life at once or overnight, but through faithfully approaching and saturating yourself in the living Word of God every single day. 

The change in your heart and mind over time will become visible to you as well as everyone around you. Suddenly:

  • your temper will even out. 
  • the way you spend your free time will change. 
  • a desire will grow in you to reach out to those you once mocked. 
  • you’ll despise your past sin and hunger for holiness.

Except, it’s not truly “all of the sudden,” is it? It is over time, filling your mind with God’s Word every single day even when you don’t feel like it, even when you think it’s not working, even when you can think of a million other, seemingly more productive things to do instead. 

As you store up the treasure of Scripture in your mind, you will see its fruit in the outworking of your faith and stand back amazed at the sanctification the Holy Spirit is working out in and through you.


Week 3 Challenge:

Setting our minds apart from the world is a continual battle. Our minds are constantly being filled by what is around us. This week, take an honest look at the things you put into your mind every day, including books, tv shows, movies, music, social media, images, etc. Do these things encourage you to be set apart for God? Do they renew your mind with the things of God? If not, how can you change what fills your mind so that it honors God?

Week 3 Reading Plan:

Find it in your journal or on the LGG App!

Week 3 Memory Verse:

Memorize Scripture with us for Week 3 of our Set Apart Bible study for women!

Petra Stoneman

Petra Stoneman

Petra lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, Michael, and chocolate lab, Boomer. Originally from the Czech Republic, she serves on the LGG Translators team as one of the Czech Branch translators. Petra is passionate about discipleship and raising up a new generation of believers. She serves in the youth ministry of her local church alongside her husband, who is a full-time youth pastor, and she loves to encourage young women in their relationship with Jesus.

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