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Do you remember a time that you needed to be brave? Esther woke up one day and found herself in a lose/lose situation. The queen before her had been removed because of her disobedience of her husband. Queen Vashti had refused to come when her husband called her to display her beauty. She was removed, and the king was advised to, “convey her royalty to another who is more deserving than she” (Esther 1:19).

Esther had to watch her step. She did not want to repeat Vashti’s mistake and invoke the king’s anger. Yet, on the other hand, the king had just given an order in the land to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the Jews. Though the king didn’t know it, Esther was one of them!

Her options were dire. Would she die by disobedience by entering the king’s presence uninvited or to die by doing nothing? Would she face death herself or be complicit in the annihilation of her people as well as face her certain demise?

Esther knew that God could make her brave. He could give her the wisdom and the strength she needed to do the right thing.

She asked her cousin to fast for her, and she herself fasted for three days. In the end, she did not die, but the king extended mercy to her and saved her people.

In today’s world, it is increasingly unpopular to speak the truth and to live according to kingdom values. We really do need God’s wisdom to act bravely and to speak graciously to a world where all truth is relative.

In college, we used to share the gospel with students in the dorms. I remember being really nervous and asking the Lord to give me His wisdom and boldness. It seems that Satan doesn’t want us to talk about eternity with those who don’t yet know Christ, so he intimidates us. But praise be to God that He is the one who makes us bold!

I remember it being even scarier to share Christ with my close friends and family. It seemed there was more at stake: their eternal destiny and our relationship. Here, too, God gave me the wisdom and boldness to speak the truth in love when I asked Him.

In Psalm 138:3, David proclaims, “When I cried out for help, you answered me. You made me bold and energized me.” It is a powerful thing to remember that we do not act on our own.

We are ambassadors, and we act on behalf of the One who redeemed us!

If there is something you are afraid to do, or someone you know doesn’t yet know the beautiful truth of the gospel – pray. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom and boldness to speak the truth in love! His Word promises us that He will make us brave and strengthen us for the task He has put before us. And it may just make a difference for all of eternity!


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Krista Taylor

Krista Taylor

Krista Taylor is an adventurer at heart and passionate about seeing the nations reached for Christ. Originally from Canada, she studied in the USA and is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate. She currently lives in Poland with her husband and five children, where they are involved in discipleship, teaching God's Word, and church planting. Krista is the Polish branch leader for Love God Greatly. She is also passionate about teaching her five children and making God's truths clear to them through homeschooling, creative expressions of motherhood, and adventuring in the Polish mountains. She loves to capture their adventures through photography. 

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