As I sat at my computer trying to think of something inspiring to write, my mind reeled.  Deadlines continued to approach (and pass), yet I could not hear what it was that God wanted to say through me.  The past several weeks had been riddled with family struggles, personal illness, and life obligations.  Simply put, I was tired.

I decided to take a walk and spend some time with the Lord.  As I prayed, a storm swelled above me.  I could see the front develop with every step I took. The bird flew in the direction of the clearing. It was in that moment I realized, a spiritual storm front had been developing in my own life without me realizing it.

Sometimes, I wonder how much we, as Christians, recognize the spiritual battle raging daily in our midst. We understand that there is good and evil, but I think we sometimes deny we have an enemy who wars against us. In my situation, I had recognized that I had been having a difficult time and that it had affected my attitude and my writing. Yet, because I refused to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of the fight, I didn’t fight it spiritually until I was already worn down.

When we deny the spiritual battle, we make ourselves vulnerable to the enemy. Burying our heads in the sand seems easier than facing reality. But the truth is, God provides for us for whatever comes our way.

Paul warns the early church of the schemes of the devil in Ephesians 6. He tells them that we do not war against flesh and blood, but rather, against spiritual forces. Because we are in such a battle, we are encouraged to stand firm. God even provides for us the means to stand against the devil’s schemes.

As I turned in Ephesians 6, I started to see how God’s armor equipped me to stand firm during my struggle.  Yet I also realized it would take every piece: truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the Word of God. It all works together, and it is my responsibility as a believer to put on God’s provided armor.

What would happen if a soldier suited up for battle and only put on 50% of their issued gear? We would think that they were being unwise in their actions as if he were asking to be defeated by the enemy.  In the same way, I would be foolish to start a day without being immersed in God’s Truth.  But there are many days that I am not armored for battle the way I should – however, God continues to cover me in His grace.

While my battle continues to rage, I am encouraged to keep fighting ­– knowing that I am fighting a good fight and that God has equipped me to stand firm.  It is my responsibility to recognize the enemy and utilize the resources God has given me.

Father God, thank you that even in my struggles, You continue to teach me that You are good and loving, and You alone are God.  I pray that You will help me be wise to recognize when the enemy attacks so that I will be spiritually prepared. Thank You for Your grace that covers me through Your Son, Jesus.  Help me to stand firm in the battle.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Week 6 Challenge: Identify an area of your life that may be a spiritual battle and pray through how the armor of God will help you stand firm in that situation.

Bonus challenge: Find a friend and ask them to pray with you about that particular situation!

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