Know that the Lord, he is God!
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
Psalm 100:3

Most of us are very familiar with Psalm 23. It is beautiful poetry showing us that God is like a gentle, kind and protective shepherd to his people. But Psalm 23 isn’t the only time this imagery is used. In Psalm 100:3 the people of God are once again described as sheep – sheep who are safe and provided for in the pasture of God. Sheep gather around their shepherd, and he leads them to pastures where they can eat their fill.

The Lord is our Shepherd! He is the one who cares, provides, and even fights for his own­­ – for YOU!

God may provide us with physical food so that we can grow and be strong and healthy, but more importantly he gives us spiritual food that our souls may be nourished. Physical food is important for this life, but you can spend your entire life growing your own organic food, eating clean and exercising, and­ it means nothing if you don’t have eternal life.

As sheep we live and move in God’s “pasture.” What is this pasture?

My friends, it is the Word of God!

What are these “​green pastures”​ but the Scriptures of truth—always fresh, always rich, and never exhausted? There is no fear of biting the bare ground where the grass is long enough for the flock to lie down in it. Sweet and full are the doctrines of the gospel; fit food for souls, as tender grass is natural nutriment for sheep.
C.H. Spurgeon

The Bible is sweet and satisfying food for your soul that you should consume daily. Taking it in, chewing and digesting it fills you with truth and strengthens your heart. Such truth, like Christ’s amazing love for us, animates our faith and leads to peace.  It enables us to rest, to find contentment, to overflow with joy, and to experience refreshment. It is what allows us to suffer well and to find comfort in the darkest of times.

Have you ever gone awhile without reading your Bible? Did you notice that you begin to feel weak spiritually? Even if you don’t “feel” different, it is likely you are growing weak. B​y neglecting the “green pastures” of God’s word, you will wander into dangerous terrain, get tangled in foolishness, and fall into a pit of sin while your soul starves to death.

But God is a faithful shepherd. He clothes us, feeds us, befriends us, protects us, and shows us the way to go.

A​s Frank Hall says, “T​he Lord Jesus is ​everything t​o my needy soul!”

Looking to Jesus,

Jen Thorn

Jen Thorn

Jen Thorn grew up in Germany and then spent her teenage years in Africa, where her parents were missionaries. She moved to the United States for college and attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where she met her husband. They have been married for twenty-two years and have four children. Jen lives in the suburbs of Chicago, where her husband is the pastor of Redeemer Fellowship. Jen is passionate about theology and the connection to daily living.

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