We’ve all felt the power of the tongue. It’s no secret that words are important both to the one who speaks them and to the one who receives them. Words can build confidence, offer encouragement, and repair relationships. Words can also destroy friendships, belittle coworkers, and stir up doubt and insecurity.

Words matter because they hold the power to bless or curse, encourage or defeat, give life or bring death. Our words matter. We must be conscious of what comes out of our mouths and off our fingertips.

We live in a day where words can be cheap. We speak them without much thought. Our words come and go as fast as we can type into our smartphones.

No matter how fast they come our how quickly we forget them, all our words matter.

The words we speak to our spouse matter.

The words we say to our children matter.

The words we text our friends matter.

The words we think to ourselves matter.

The words we pray matter.

Our words shape thinking, influence actions, and change lives.  Words carry with them consequences and reveal the true nature of our hearts. Because of this, we need to learn to use our words wisely.

We’re excited to begin this new study with each of you to focus on words that matter. Our prayer for each of us is that after this study we will be more generous with encouragement, more thoughtful with criticism, and more powerful in communicating truth.

We pray that after this study we will each honor God with the words we speak to others and to ourselves. May our words be used for bringing healing to broken hearts, courage to weary souls, and hope to the hopeless.

And ultimately, with God’s help, may our words change the world.


We are so looking forward to you joining us this Monday as we begin this incredible study!

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