At a time and place where it was unheard of for women and girls to be educated, Jeanette Li’s father enrolled her in school. Though he died only a year later, Jeanette’s mother did her best to keep Jeanette in school so she could receive an education. Through many difficulties and changes in schools, Jeanette finally received a formal Bible college education.


Jeanette grew very sick as a child and was taken to a missionary hospital in South China. There, she heard the gospel for the first time, accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior. Her mother converted shortly after. Leaving their Buddist faith was not without its challenges, as their family rejected and persecuted them for their new faith. Jeanette married young and had a son. Her husband joined the army and, sadly, eventually left her and their son. 


Though she faced many obstacles, Jeanette’s purpose in life was always clear: to make Christ known. She taught in many different schools, influencing and educating young women. In 1934, she and her son traveled to Manchoria to be missionaries. Manchoria was often dangerous, causing Jeanette and her son to go into hiding or run from officials at different times. 


After returning to China, Jeanette continued to face difficulty, though she was not deterred from her mission to make disciples. In 1952, she was imprisoned by Communists. While in prison, she continued to witness to her fellow prisoners as well as prison officials. She was released a year later. Jeanette traveled to Hong Kong and worked with refugees and continued to teach Bible classes.


Jeanette joined her son in the United States in 1962. She wrote in her autobiography, “In every period of my life, I have found God sufficient for my every need, for my help in every weakness.” Jeanette did not let her trials deter her from her faith or her mission. Her life is an encouragement to us to trust God no matter our circumstances. 


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