She arrived home from school on a mission. It was written all over her seven year-old face from the second she peeked her big brown eyes though the front door window, signaling her arrival.

She rushed in to find her little pink Bible and promptly tucked it under one arm, then with her free hand she grabbed mine and quickly ushered me to the couch… both of us nearly out of breath from the intensity of her lead.

“Mom, *Kate’s sister told her that God is NOT powerful. We have to do something!”

And so we ran to God’s Word together.


There have been plenty of times in my life when I have doubted God’s power. 

When I was so focused on my own desires that I forgot to put my faith in His sovereign plan.

When I was so caught up in the temporary that I neglected the greater things that will last into eternity.

When – in my weakness – I let the world wrongly convince me that God is less than who He says He is.

When I was so consumed and distracted, that I walked away from communion with God and His Word.


We opened that little pink Bible and found where God spoke the world into existence and parted the Red Sea. We talked about His name that is above all others, and about His promises that have stood the test of time. We read about the baby in the manger, the miracles, the cross, and that victorious empty tomb… and His mighty power that lives in us.

Oh, how she wanted her friend to know this powerful God. 

Verses about God’s power were scribbled onto small pieces of notebook paper, then carefully tucked inside that little pink Bible and stuffed into one passionate first-grader’s pink backpack.

And on that ten minute bus ride to school, two girls began reading God’s Word together.

“Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this:
that power belongs to God…” ~ Psalm 62:11

Day after day that little pink Bible was opened, and night after night we prayed for God to make himself known through His Word on that crowded, yellow school bus. And just like God, what began as a quest to reach the heart of another turned into Him orchestrating a transformation in us. God’s Word is powerful like that.

Love God Greatly

Our prayers began to sound different.

The more we read of God’s power, the bolder our prayers became. Short prayers consisting of specific requests and ideal timelines turned into longer prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Prayers of self-focus were now more God-exalting. Small faith and shallow words were replaced with a dauntless, expectant petitioning of the throne of Almighty God. Instead of being paralyzed by doubt and unbelief, our confidence began to rest in this power of God that we had read and rehearsed over and over in our minds. Our hearts began to soften to His will and His ways, and this God-confidence even overflowed into other areas of our lives.

“Our prayers should arise out of immersion in the Scripture. [We] speak only to the degree we are spoken to. . . The wedding of the Bible and prayer anchors your life down in the real God.” – Tim Keller


“There is none like you, O Lord;

    you are great, and your name is great in might.

 Who would not fear you, O King of the nations?

    For this is your due;

for among all the wise ones of the nations

    and in all their kingdoms

    there is none like you.”

~ Jeremiah 10:6-7

Her mind was filled with Truth.

Her confidence increased.

And then her adoration overflowed.

So more than duty, more than a New Year’s Resolution, even more than our desire for a life of provision or ease… it’s YOU God who makes us fall to our knees in prayer.

We adore you.

We worship you.

There is none like you.


At His feet,

*Let’s talk: Do you notice a direct correlation between time spent in the Word and the attitude of your prayer life?




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